The Program

A detailed Report to the Prime Minister of Australia from the 2016 National Family Violence Summit is available to download here: NFV Summit Report

Day 1, Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Registration Open

Together We Are Strong; Welcome, introduction, objectives. Summit Opening Address David Morrison AO (2016 Australian of the Year).

9.20am – Keynote speech and panel discussion
After the Storms; How does the ripple effect of family violence impact on us? What are the longer term ramifications for families?

11.10am – Keynote speech and panel discussion
Indigenous Perspectives; What has happened, is happening and needs to happen to tackle family violence in Australia’s indigenous communities?

1.30pm – Keynote speech and panel discussion
Seen But Not Heard; What do our young survivors have to say about family violence and how does it affect their lives?

3.20pm – Keynote speech and panel discussion
Stop It Before It Starts; How can primary prevention help reduce family violence? What is needed to make primary prevention activities more effective?

End of Day One Sessions

Summit dinner held in the QT Ballroom

Day 2, Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Welcome to Day Two

Special Address

9.15am – Keynote speech and panel discussion
Survive or Thrive; How do we create pathways to help family violence victims break free from the ‘Cycle of violence’?

11.00am – Keynote speech and panel discussion
Men and Family Violence; Who are the male champions of change and what are they doing? What more can men do to help reduce family violence?

Special presentation and key note speech by Emma Murphy. The Power of Purpose.

Summit Summary and Announceable

Closing Address Alan Tongue (2017 ACT Australian Of The Year) A Call to Action

Summit Close