Guest Speakers

Laticia Gibson

Laticia Gibson, Master of Ceremonies

Laticia has over eleven years journalism experience, working across the globe as a reporter and film producer for a number of production houses and news networks including Channel Seven, Channel Nine, the BBC and ITN. Her passion for unearthing, chasing and creating stories continues through her own video marketing agency, which she started in 2010.

Laticia is also a survivor of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse.

After years of silently suffering debilitating anxiety and insomnia, Laticia was close to taking her life on a number of occasions – something that she had kept from even her closest friends.

Laticia says she ‘mastered survival mode’ and to the outside word, including her on-air appearances, she looked to have it all together. What many didn’t know was that she was suffering at the hands of many demons created through years of abuse.

Pushed to the brink, she made a choice to save her own life, knowing no one else was capable of doing so. With that, Laticia decided to seek help. Part of this process involved sharing her story with others. What she uncovered was a horrifying trend of many survivors’ families and close friends, not believing them therefore they became too scared to take action. This is a pattern she wants to help break.

Laticia is now is focussed on sharing her story and healing journey with others, driven to help support young people and women in speaking up and seeking help as early as possible. This also comes in the form of educating people on the benefits of holistic health, providing practical tools to deal with stress and anxiety.

She says her responsibilities as Master of Ceremonies comes with a deep respect and humility, knowing that together, we are stronger.

General David Morrison

Lieutenant General David Morrison AO (Retd)

Lieutenant General David Morrison concluded his appointment as Australia’s Chief of Army in May 2015. During a 36 year career as a soldier he say operational service in Bougainville and East Timor and as an Australian Army Officer led troops from platoon level all the way to three star General – Chief of Army. This an appointment he held for the last four years of his service. His loyalty to his profession and outstanding performance was recognised by being made an Officer in the Order of Australia in 2010.

In his tenure at the top of Australia’s Army, David has faced many leadership challenges but he is best known for his strong public stance on gender equality and leading cultural change in large organisations. His three minute address, via video, to his workforce in the wake of a particular instance of poor behavior by a group of officers and senior soldiers, was posted on YouTube and has had almost 1.7 million views. He has spoken about diversity and culture to the United Nations International Women’s Day Conference in New York, and was a closing speaker, with Angelina Jolie, William Hague and John Kerry at the Global Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence in Military Conflict in London in 2014.

Rebecca Poulson

Rebecca Poulson

Rebecca Poulson is an Author, Speaker and Domestic Violence Advocate who Inspires Change.

Her story is a powerful, unforgettable story about tragedy, grief – and hope. On the day of Rebecca Poulson’s 33rd birthday, her father, niece and nephew were murdered. The murderer had been part of her family – her brother-in-law, Neung, the father of the children. No stranger to shocking family violence Rebecca had already suffered through her own violent relationship when she was 21 resulting in an attempt on her life.

Rebecca has met with then Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the premier of New South Wales and many other minsters and Police to advocate for changes in domestic violence systems. Changes in domestic violence laws have been directly attributed to Rebecca’s efforts, and she has been interviewed by a wide range of Australian media in many appearances on television, majors newspapers and magazines in her pursuits.

Rebecca is an Ambassador of Our Watch alongside Lucy Turnbull, Tara Moss, Charlie Pickering and Rosie Batty. Our Watch is dedicated to the Prevention of violence against Women and Their Children.

Rebecca is a published author of Killing Love which talks of her journey through homicide. It is a story of individual heartbreak and a family’s strength, and a startling portrait of family violence. Killing Love is the winner of the Australian Society of Authors 2014 Emerging Writers’ Award, the 2015 Varuna House Fellowship Prize and the 2015 Barnardos Book Prize, the 2015 Sassy and was shortlisted to the top 3 for the prestigious Ned Kelly True Crime award in 2016.

Rebecca is the CEO of the Poulson Family Foundation dedicated to the prevention of Child Homicide within families.

Mary Barry

Mary Barry

Mary Barry is the Chief Executive Officer of Our Watch, the national organisation to prevent violence against women and their children. Mary was previously CEO of the National Heart Foundation of Australia. Prior to this Mary was CEO of the Victorian State Emergency Service for eight years and CEO of the Victorian Association of Health and Extended Care for six years.

Tarang Chawla

Tarang Chawla

2017 Young Australian of the Year Finalist Tarang Chawla’s inspirational story is a heartwarming tale of overcoming adversity and rising above personal mental health struggles by advocating for a better world following the horrific murder due to domestic violence of his 23-year old sister Nikita.

With courage, leadership and resilience, Tarang adds a human element to statistics after having the devastating burden of identifying Nikita’s remains as the first victim of domestic violence in 2015. Determined not to let her death be in vain, Tarang founded “Not One More Niki”, Australia’s campaign to end violence against women.

Tarang advises state and national governments, businesses and organisations on their efforts to end domestic and family violence and informs multiple Ministerial committees. Tarang is an Ambassador for Victoria Against Violence, White Ribbon, Our Watch, InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence and Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre, working with young men to support them to adopt new models of masculinity that don’t lead to violence.

Believing that you can achieve anything you dream possible, Tarang is an engaging author and compelling keynote speaker who brings his multicultural heritage and humour to a heartbreaking topic, empowering communities to action and reminding us of the importance of making the most of every day.

Zack Bryers

Zack Bryers

Zack Bryers originates from Queensland but made the move to Canberra to start his career helping Canberra’s youth in need. He is YouthCare Canberra’s first full-time outreach worker and takes great pride in helping those who are brave enough to ask for it.

Before joining the YouthCare Canberra team, Zack was deployed as a soldier to Afghanistan with the Australian Army, Zack was medically discharged after being diagnosed with PTSD. After having a tough childhood himself, he knows what it is like to be at rock bottom and also what it is like to come back from it. Which culminated in him representing Australia in Gridiron at the 2015 World Cup, after having only played the sport for 18 months.

Zack tells the youth that he works with “your bad experiences can become your best experiences. These are your tools for greatness. Use them.”

Kylie Fulton

Kylie Fulton

Kylie Fulton is the cofounder & managing director of The TLC Project (Training, Learning & Critical thinking), a life and work skills intervention designed to help people break down personal barriers preventing them from leading their best lives.

Before starting The TLC Project on the surface Kylie was a happy successful event manager, organising some of Sydney’s most prestigious wedding by day and hosting some of Sydney’s hottest dance events by night, she seemed to have it made but behind the scenes Kylie’s childhood experiences with family violence had lead to a belief that it was normal and she was continuing the cycle of drinking, gambling and abusive relationships. It was not until Kylie hit her rock bottom, ending up in hospital that she realised a big change was needed in her life.

With a lot of hard work and the help of local service providers Kylie was happier than she had ever been but she knew her journey was not over yet. Determined to use the knowledge that she had acquired to help others overcome the helplessness she had once felt Kylie developed the TLC Project. By partnering with TAFE NSW and multiple service providers The TLC Project harnesses the power of the best in the business and mentors with real life experience to allow participants a supportive and knowledgeable foundation to find themselves and follow their dreams.

Kylie is a passionate advocate against family violence currently organising the The TLC Projects #Change4ChangeBBQ Marathon in partnership with the Tara Costigan Foundation to be held on the 31st March & 1st April 2017 to raise awareness of Family Violence. This event will also be raising funds for the continuation of The TLC Project in 2017 to continue to create pathways for lost youth and adults not only survive but thrive.

Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy

Domestic Violence Advocate and Survivor
A 28 year old domestic violence advocate and mother to her 2 children, Emma will speak about how in July 2015 she used social media to break the silence around her experience of domestic violence to spectacular effect. In her YouTube video sitting on her stairs with a black eye, crying, her little boy in the background, Emma was determined to escape the torture she had been subjected to. What she did not anticipate that day was that her decision to broadcast that video would also break through the silence and stigma used to keep domestic violence part of our culture. Emma’s Video has been viewed over 50 million times right around the world and engaged her in a conversation that began her new life as a advocate. Emma is currently being filmed for a documentary about how she is discovering her role as a domestic violence advocate, she has spoken at a number of conferences in Ireland and she has spoken at the Third World Women’s Conference in The Netherlands in 2015. Emma is extremely passionate about this subject, not only does she share her story with adults but she also speaks in schools around Ireland, Emma believes that Domestic Violence should to be spoken about more openly, freely, securely and more importantly she believes that this topic needs to be brought into schools so young people can understand the term “Domestic Violence”

Emma has a following of over 160,000 fans on her social media where she engages in conversations about her life on a daily basis, she speaks to women every single day offering her support through her platform, Although Emma cannot physically respond to every single email she is hopeful that this topic is reaching more and more people every single day.

Alan Tongue

Alan Tongue

Alan Tongue was born in Tamworth nsw and grew up on a property south east of Tamworth. Play in the Australian schoolboys in 1998 which toured New Zealand and moved to Canberra at the start of 1999. captained the raiders in His first year at the club in the Jersey Flegg ( under 19’s ) and debut for the Raiders in 2000.

  • Won the rookie of the year 2000
  • Clubman of the year 2003
  • Player of the year 2006
  • Holds record for most tackles in a season 2006 (1087)
  • Played in the Australian prime ministers 13 which toured and played Papua New Guinea in 2008
  • Played for NSW country in 2009
  • Retired at the end of the 2011 season playing 220 games for the Canberra raiders and captaining the club from 2007-2011

Alan is now employed as an ambassador for the NRL delivering programs into community’s throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea and works alongside the NRL’s education and welfare.

He has also designed and delivered a mentoring program into Juvenile Justice centres in the ACT as well as the Alexander Moconochie centre working with detainees and designed a domestic and family violence program which is currently being delivered throughout regional NSW schools and football clubs and high schools across the ACT.

Alan was recently awarded the 2017 ACT Australian of the Year.