Tara Costigan

On 28 February 2015 Tara Maree Costigan was killed by her former partner with an axe as she held her five day old baby girl.

Her nine and 11 year old sons were powerless to stop it as they watched on. Tara’s 18 year old baby sister and her boyfriend were also injured as they bravely fought off the attack.

On average, 2.5 women are killed in Australia each week as a result of family violence. While Tara is just one of those women, the circumstances of her death have led to her becoming a symbol of both grief and hope.

The community response and demand for change has led to the formation of a positive legacy and the establishment of the unique ‘Tara’s Angels’ caseworker service that supports victims for up to two years as they rebuild their lives and break the cycle of violence.

While Tara will always remain the central personality and symbol of TCF, and a driving force behind the Summit, Tara now represents all women, children and men that have lost their lives or had their concept of love and safety in a family environment shattered.